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This website is wholly owned and maintained by Working Chairs & Interiors Ltd. 

Working Chairs are dedicated to Customer Privacy, Security and Data Protection policies, which covers any customer information disclosed to us through this website facility. We will only use the information that we collect about our customers lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and you can be totally assured that we do not share that information with third parties.
The IP address of visitors to this web site is used to gather broad demographic information, and for other purposes such as monitoring visitor frequency to our website, this data is not shared with third parties. This simply means that we look at the overall usage of the site, we do not monitor individual customers or visitors usage.
When you apply for a product or service on the website, you will be asked for personal information that would be required to process your application. We ask our purchasing customers to provide a delivery address & contact telephone number, the latter may be made available to the carrier in the event of delivery problems, or by ourselves if we need to contact you regarding your order. To this end, we would attempt to contact you by email unless we considered the matter more urgent. regarding orders that have placed online. Your name and phone number will not be shared with any other parties.

Additional Cookie Information

Cookies are used by almost all web sites, they are very small text files that are stored on your computer as you browse through different web pages. They are used for example to show you your recently viewed pages via links often found at the bottom of our web pages or to keep track of the items placed in your shopping basket.

Generally you will find that there are two different cookie types, these are called session and persistent. Session cookies are just temporary files that only remain on your computer whilst on one of our web sites, upon closing the browser they are automatically deleted. Persistent cookies remain on your computer permanently, then if you so choose need to be manually deleted.

Persistent cookies are often used for aggressive advertising and marketing. We do not do this type of marketing at any level. It is an invasion of privacy that we feel is unacceptable. If at any time we would use persistent cookies, it would be when you enter your details to either create an account or log in to a previously registered account simply to make it easier to remember your login details saving you the need to input them again.

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