Orangery Planning Permission & Building regulations

It may be that your particular room will fall into the permitted development category, but just to assume that you don’t need permission just because your neighbor didn’t is taking a big risk.

If you get it wrong, you could face a considerable fine or even be ordered by the local authority to remove the construction completely.

There are guidelines to follow that will, in most cases, allow a conservatory or orangery to be built without having prior planning permission, but that does not mean that you can bypass any building regulations at the same time – they are both different areas of construction and have their own rules & regulations.

Even the rich & famous have to comply – just ask Sir Cliff Richard

orangery Vs conservatory

General Guidelines: Planning permission may not be required when:

  • Under half the land around the original house is used (includes buildings already in place).
  • You don’t plan to build it facing a road.
  • A room of 1 level shouldn’t project from a semi by over 3000mm or 4000mm for a detached.
  • Single Storey rooms have a max height of 4000mm.
  • No elevated platforms or balconies.
  • Not on a listed building, in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB).

Fats & maisonettes have different requirements.

Planning portal interactive guide here:

Building Regulations
  • These will usually need to be respected for an extension & conservatories unless your conservatory is exempted:
  • Under 30 square metres of floor area at ground level
  • Separation from the main building using windows, doors or walls of external quality.
  • Power & Glazing should comply with their own regulations (Windows & Doors can be certified by GGF / FENSA / CERTASS competent companies).
  • The new building does not cause problems for upper windows ladder emergency access.
  • Structural changes in the existing building (such as a new opening) are not exempt.

This guide is for your convenience only. You should check your local authority requirements always.

  • Planning Portal Link:

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Building an Orangery and Needing Planning Permission