Double glazed uPVC Replacement Windows – pros & cons

There is a lot to be said about the advantages of double glazing, but are uPVC Replacement Windows a good choice to make these days.

Here are a few pros & cons to give you some extra insight.

Pros of Using uPVC

  • Compared to Aluminium or Hardwood / Engineered Timber, UPVC is going to be a less expensive materiel to use for the frames of the windows. That feature alone is probably a big deciding factor in favour of using uPVC, but not always,
  • Very low maintenance needs compared to timber, but about the same as aluminium.
  • Inert material – hardly reacts to anything. Aluminium can corrode, timber can rot.
  • Readily available from suppliers all over the UK. You can get double glazed uPVC windows fitted no matter where you live in the UK – Aluminium window suppliers are not so numerous.
  • Having so many suppliers also causes fierce market competition, keeping prices competitive.
  • Lightweight, strong durable.

Cons of using uPVC

  • Not as structurally strong as aluminium, so they tend to need thicker frames or extra support for larger windows. This can mean you get “more frame, less glass”
  • Not as much colour choice. Timber can be painted or stained to any finish you choose. Aluminium windows come in hundreds of colours. UPVC has only about 15 or so options.
  • They are, in effect, plastic windows and not to the taste of everyone.

Brown double glazed Windows cutawayIn general, if you are looking for nice looking double glazed replacement windows at a reasonable price, you can’t really go wrong with uPVC.  See some prices here:

Select your supplier carefully, only after getting written quotes from half a dozen or more installers.

Check your guarantees and ask for references from previous customers.

Don’t jump at the first deal on offer, double glazing sales reps from larger companies are often accused of not giving the best price for the first time quote. Don’t sign a contract “on the night”. Take your time to decide which is the beast deal for you.

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Double Glazed uPVC Replacement Windows