Front and Back Door Prices Guide

In the current times of financial uncertainty people are increasingly being encouraged to be more cautious with their spending and further encouraged to shop around for all goods from weekly shopping to more fanciful and luxury items.

Shopping for household furnishings is no different, and when shopping for items such as a door prices, where the quality is as essential as the cost, the comparison of a door cost guide becomes even more important.

Thanks to increased use of the internet it is now relatively easy to compare door prices and many websites are filled with information about the quality as well as the cost, meaning that comparisons can be made without even leaving the house.

Whilst door prices themselves are greatly important, equal if not more consideration should always be given to the quality of the door itself to ensure the security of homes and businesses. Whilst finding a door price that is low might be an essential desire, a bargain only becomes so if the quality is guaranteed and not compromised in pursuit of the lowest price.

Internet shopping has also helped in the constant search for a bargain.

White UPVC Front Door. Front Door PricesWith many virtual retailers not having the overheads of a showroom for their customers to visit it is easier for them to keep door prices to a minimum.

Again, whilst this might seem to be beneficial on the face of it caution should be advised that it is not always as easy to assess the quality of a door from a photograph as it is to assess in person in a showroom.

There is also the danger of hidden costs when comparing door costs, so whilst a manufacturer or sales company might quote one price once VAT, packaging and delivery have been added on, not to mention professional measuring and fitting, the once low door prices can escalate by up to three times as much as the original cost.

A further way in which customers attempt to lower door prices is to purchase the door direct from the supplier or manufacturer and then find a separate professional who can fit it for them.

This can be particularly beneficial if the customer knows someone trustworthy with the high standards of a professional fitter who can perform the installation for them.

But there are cost factors to consider, and whilst this might initially mean lower door prices from the supplier, it can actually work out more expensive as a carpenter or fitter charges more than the supply-fitting package of the first company. Find out more at

Residential Exterior Front and Back Door Prices