Choosing Double Glazed Windows

If you are thinking of changing your windows, then it’s worth while taking some time to think about which style would suit your home best.

But what style to choose and are some more expensive than others?

Popular Styles of Double Glazed Windows

Types of Double Glazed Windows

1) Casement

Usually they open outwards from hinges on the side. Options for awning casements that open from the top or Hopper casements that open from the bottom. Awning open outwards, hopper open inwards.

2)  Sash

Sash windows are easily identified by the way they slide up and down to open, These are known as vertical sliding sashes. You can get horizontal sliding sashes, but they are not that popular.

Variations  can include tilt & turn sliding sashes.

3) Bifolding windows

Effectively a smaller version of bifold doors. These windows fold in a zig-zag fasion by sliding to the left or right. Key feature is that they give a very wide clear opening.

4) Tilt & Turn Windows

This design allows the window to tilt backwards for ventilation and open like a regular casement window. However, the window only opens inwards so it can interfere with blinds or ornaments on the window cills.

5) French Windows

Based on the casement style, this design is a side by side pair of windows that open outwards. The most popular style uses a checkerboard pattern of smaller panes fitted in the outer frame.

Each style has it’s own key features and will suit different circumstances.

Most of these window types can be made from UPVC, Aluminium and of course timber. UPVC has a reputation of being resilient, versatile and relatively cheap compared to hardwood or aluminium. For more visit site.

Having said that, there are lot’s of folks out there who are not big fans of UPVC,¬† citing that the frames are often bulky and ugly. However, using steel reinforced frames can reduce the thickness needed to be strong enough to not deform over time.


What Type of Double Glazed Windows Suit Your Home?