uPVC Patio Doors | Sliding Patio Doors

There are many reasons to fit patio doors in your home, here are just a few options to think about.

Sliding Patio Door Features

  1. Add more light: a big area of glass is bound to let in more natural sunlight.
  2. A lighter room may mean you turn on the electric lights less often, saving money is always a good bonus.
  3. Makes your room feel bigger: a lighter room with a big view of the outside will have the effect of making the room feel much bigger than it actually is.
  4. Easy access: In a lot of cases, the way to get to the back garden is through the kitchen door. Now you have a 2nd easier way to go in and out to enjoy the garden.
  5. Security: 2 benefits. 1st is you can see your garden easily and also anybody or anything that’s not supposed to be there. Also the doors have multi-point locks and anti-lift tracks. When combined with toughened or laminated glass it means you have a very tough door.

Patio doors come in a few designs.

For example there are at least 3 types of sliding patio door.

  • Inline sliding doors: the panels slide to the right or left within the frame.
  • Bifold patio doors: the panels slide & fold to the sides.
  • Tilt & slide windows: doubling up as a door, this design has the twin features of leaning back into the house for ventilation (the lean angle is limited) or sliding to the side to open like an inline version. You can’t tilt & slide at the same time though.

A bit of a variation is, if you have the width to do so, to go for Sliding French patio doors. Not actually a French door as such, but if you have 4 panels, the 2 middle panels slide away from each other to the sides.

Sliding French Patio Doors

In any event, whichever you choose, the improvement in your lifestyle is well worth the cost.

Add Value to Your Home With uPVC Patio Doors