What to look for in a combi boiler quote

If it’s come to the point where you need a replacement boiler, then the best place to go looking in order to compare Combi Boilers Prices & Costs 2020 is online.

But what should you be looking for in terms of the quote? Here are a few pointers for the least you should expect to see on a quote.

  1. If it’s a gas boiler, then only look for “GAS SAFE” registered installers to quote for your job.
  2. If it’s another type of fuel, such as OIL, look for OFTEC installers.
  3. Specifies the exact boiler being installed.
  4. Includes removal & disposal of the old boiler & any other debris.
  5. Has easy to understand warranties on parts & labour.
  6. All inclusive price – labour materials, taxes etc.
  7. How long the job will take – approximately.
  8. Aftercare contact details.

Having a combi boiler fitted is a very popular option because they provide instant hot water and are economical to run. Mainly gas fired models are installed in many homes, although you can get electric powered combi boilers.

When looking for boiler prices online, make sure you arrange for at least 4, even 5 quotes for the work. This market is very competitive and so it’s going to pay dividends to shop around a bit before deciding on an installer.

The cost of installing a replacement combi boiler is going to be dependent on the what you actually need doing, as well as the model & make of the boiler itself.

If you are just swapping like for like, then you may be able to do so for around £600 – £700. However, if you have a more complex job such as taking out an older conventional boiler, and at the same time replacing the tanks & the water cylinders to install a new combi, then the costs can get up into £2000 to £3000.

combi boiler in kitchen

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