Double Glazed Doors Design Options

There are many good reasons to fit a modern double glazed door to your home. To start with, a new double glazed door is going to last a long time, be secure and energy efficient. To end with, it’s going to make your house look good.

What types of double glazed door are best?

Aluminium double glazed door in blackLet us start with what materials the doors can be made from and look at the main benefit of each material.

  • UPVC Doors: UPVC is a very durable material that is cost effective to use. It is a natural insulator and can resist air pollution and insect attack (woodworm etc.). It comes in about 14 or 15 different colours. UPVC doors are readily available all over the UK.
  • Hardwood doors: Hardwood doors are loved by many. A really good example that is maintained well can last a lifetime or more. High end hardwood doors can be very expensive, but if you have a decent set of DIY skills, this is on type of door that you can fit yourself.
  • Composite doors: This material is a combination of GRP, insulating rigid foams & engineered timbers. The outer skin of the the door is made from the same material as modern speedboat hulls (& surfboards) so it can take a lot of beating and still look amazing. Wood grain composite finishes look outstanding. But they cost more than UPVC.
  • Engineered wood: This specialised timber product is created by using reclaimed timber which is laminated together and treated. The resulting timber is easily machined in to ornate shapes. Because it doesn’t have a 1 directional grain like regular wood, it resist shrinkage & warping much better than natural wood.
  • Aluminium doors: Top of the range aluminium doors ar a sight to behold. Some of the design in the market are nothing short of amazing. However a top of the range door in aluminium can cost well over £2,000. For us mere mortals with a limited budget, standard aluminium doors also look great, are very secure and last 25 years and more (they also cost a lot less).

Each material is perfect for use in a door – all will last a long time, keep your family safe and keep out the bad weather – the choice is yours.

Double Glazed Doors – What are the choices?